Pendant in pink gold

The Delilah collection is imbued with the childhood memories of Frédéric Boucheron, whose parents were drapers. This rose gold Delilah pendant has all the fluidity and lightness of a piece of fabric. This technical prowess reflects the jeweler’s savoir-faire and reveals an extraordinary craftsmanship in its use of precious metals.

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The Grand-Duc Wladimir became entranced by a young woman when he picked up a scarf she had dropped during a ball they were both attending. To pay homage to their first encounter and to mark the extraordinary moment forever, he asked Frédéric Boucheron several years later to create a gold necklace that could mimic the suppleness of the finest scarf, as a symbol of his eternal love for his wife. Since then the Maison works on gold as if it were a fabric, a supple and flowing cloth, transforming it into jewels that seem to be woven from gold threads.

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Pendant in pink gold

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Pink gold 750/1000 27,90 g

Ref.: JPN00189

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