Experience the thrill of holiday emotions

Ever since its foundation in 1858, the Maison Boucheron has been right there with you in those intense emotion-filled moments. For this festive season, we’ve chosen six women around the world to share their feelings during this incredibly special time. They are completely unique and yet these six women, here, are alike. With their elegance and their attitude, their career and their choices though life, they define femininity and style both so dear to the Maison. Discover, in all intimacy, their most treasured holiday memories and favorite pieces among the Maison’s creations.

Live in the moment
Know how to make long-lasting memories

Give in to the holiday season magic

Live in the moment

The holiday season is a collection of little moments. What if you truly lived each and every one of these moments? They are a precious gift. Which of our creations will help you treasure these emotion-filled moments?

Know how to make long-lasting memories

In amongst the excited hustle and bustle of the holidays, a sweet nostalgia floats by. You never know the true beauty of a moment until it is but a memory. Let yourself be charmed by a jewelry creation, a reminder of these precious moments.

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