160 years of high jewelry creations

Ever since Boucheron was founded in 1858, and through each of the key characters contributing to its development, it has always stood out as a pioneering, visionary jewelers. It has a unique ability to adapt, renew, innovate. Constantly seeking to develop its technical, artistic and aesthetic performance, for 160 years Boucheron has been recognized as the most contemporary of the Parisian jewelers.

The art of creation

The Point d’Interrogation necklace

It was when playing with a peacock feather that Frédéric Boucheron and his head jeweler were inspired to create the Point d’Interrogation (question mark) necklace: a jewel that is supple, light, and airy and gives a sense of freedom. An emblematic piece and a genius invention, it was designed without a clasp – a hidden spring system allows the necklace to curl around the neck like a feather. It was presented to the public at the Universal Exhibition held in Paris in 1889.

Interplay of Materials

Customers of Maison Boucheron can be assured that they will own the most beautiful gemstones in terms of intrinsic quality, size and provenance.
As well as using stones of exceptional quality, Boucheron likes to find new ways of assembling materials in order to step beyond the classical methods of jewelry setting and offer new stylistic alternatives.

The art of creation

Extraordinary Stones

The art of the Maison Boucheron is also in the ability to seek out extraordinary gemstones that are full of emotion.

Frédéric Boucheron was fascinated by gemstones: he established contacts all over the world to find the most precious, the rarest and the most exceptional stones. To him, a stone was deemed exceptional if it had a special quality; the capacity to project an inner beauty and strength. This is why Boucheron creations have always offered a mix of the most precious and the most original stones.

The Workshop

Since 1893, Maison Boucheron's artisans have worked on the top floor of the hôtel particulier, in a workshop bathed in light. It is here, looking out onto Place Vendôme, that the craftsmen and women representing each of the skilled trades involved, work together in constant dialogue with each other so that each creation they produce is a masterpiece. Making a piece of jewelry is to seek a balance between a long list of constraints: managing to successfully transform a design into a work of art, making metal and stones light, making the piece beautiful and resilient, ensuring the back looks as good as the front.

The art of creation

The Setting

So as to enhance the radiance of each stone, the Maison masters all of the existing setting techniques and invents its own, such as the mosaic setting, mirror setting and airy setting. The latter seems to magnify the stone, which appears to magically float in thin air.

Free Spirit

Since 1858 Boucheron has been nurturing its unbounded creativity and sketching the contours of a bold and free French High Jewelry.
It is the desire to innovate that drives Boucheron to design and create; its language of expression is history, and its inspiration is the future.